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We are one of the most popular Merbau Decking suppliers in Melbourne. It is one of the most popularly used timber for flooring and decking for durability and weather resistance. So, if you are looking for top-class Merbau decking Melbourne, you are on the right page.

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Our Merbau Decking prices are affordable, and stock is extensive. We sell the best quality and promise on-time delivery for the public, trades, and building suppliers who can buy timber.

Best Quality Products Supplier of Merbau Decking Melbourne

We supply Merbau Timbers that are superior in quality and suitable for all kinds of timber works like flooring or decking. Our products are used for construction jobs in Melbourne.

We can fulfill your requirement for Merbau Decking Timber in Melbourne for your residential as well as construction projects. You can develop aesthetic, appealing, and durable decks and floors at the best prices.

How to Maintain a Merbau Deck?

It is essential to preserve the deck to control any repairs or weather damage. Regularly preserving the merbau deck will last longer and add pleasing appeal to the outer space. Always upkeep the cleanliness of the deck and do a routine inspection of your deck.

You can transform your deck into a remarkable one by following these steps.

Step 1 – Washing the deck

Start with pressure washing to avoid bacteria. It will wash out the dirt and grim and help to sustain the Merbau Decking Melbourne.

  • Clean all the deck surfaces and remove dirt and grime.
  • You can use a putty knife to remove the debris in between the deck boards.
  • You can use a putty knife to remove the debris between the deck boards.
  • Do the sweeping of the deck properly.
  • Use a cleaning essential to clean the deck. Read all the instructions before applying any decking oil.
  • Always use medium pressure to clean the deck.
  • Make sure the cleaning agent contains oxalic acid. It is best for old timber and will make them look new.
  • Wait for at least a few days before using merbau decking oil, and follow property guidelines before applying any oil and strainer.

Step 2 – Using Merbau Decking oil and Stain checklist

The next step is to apply decking oil properly before sweeping the deck and all the left-out debris. You can also look for protruding nails on the deck and remove them if needed.

  • Follow all the directions on the label appropriately.
  • Clean the excess water from the deck and its surrounding area.
  • For sealing, use the roller to seal the deck.
  • Apply two thin coats on the decking surface for better protection.
  • You should clean the excess material from the surface to avoid shiny spots or stains.
  • Apply decking oil at a moderate temperature. A temperature below 30 degrees is ideal for applying Merbau decking oil.
  • Do not apply the decking oil in direct sunlight or windy weather.

Always read the instructions properly written on the label of each product. As Merbau Timber needs maintenance, you can complete the above steps in 6 to 12 months.

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Merbau Decking Timber is one of the major wholesale suppliers of merbau timber across Melbourne. We provide the finest quality and cost-effectiveness and understand the market better than anyone in the business. There are some important considerations while choosing us.

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Decking is most common in Melbourne households, and it is crucial to maintain the deck to maintain the decor of the outer space. At Merbau Decking Timber Melbourne, we offer the best quality timber at a low cost.

Looking for what suits best for you?

Merbau Decking Timber boards are available in various sizes, including 70x19mm, 90x19mm and 140x19mm. Merbau decking comes in packs of random lengths ranging from 0.9m to 5.0m long. We are highly competitive with our pricing and guarantee A GRADE merbau decking quality. Call us now on 03 8595 3035 for our best price, friendly service, and expert advice.