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Dandenong Store: (Mo. to Sa.) 10am to 4pm - Campbellfied Store: (Mo. to Sa.) 8am to 5pm

Merbau Screening

Merbau Screening

Merbau Screening Supplier in Melbourne

The Merbau Screening is a fashionable and visual highlight solution for hiding privacy, adding interest visually, and defining outdoor spaces in Melbourne. Therefore, it is suited for various artistic and natural styles and environments and is loved by Australian homeowners.

What are the Advantages of Merbau Screening?

Its advantage is being quite durable and resistant to weather conditions, protecting it for a long lifetime. Merbau wood is famous for its unmatched strength and weather resistance. Hence, it can be used in wooden projects like fencing, screening, and decking. If the Merbau screening is well maintained, it can tolerate the harsh aspects of Australian weather, including direct exposure to sunlight, moisture, and vast temperature changes.

Besides that, Merbau screenings are a source of rich colours. The warmth of red-brown tones as Merbau wood enhances the pleasant and cheerful ambiance of the exterior. Merbau fencing adds visual depth and interest to residential and commercial properties.

Merbau fences can be installed vertically or horizontally as free-standing panels or integrated with the existing construction systems, which provide you with limitless scores for improving the appearance and functionality of the external area.

We have different sizes of Merbau Screening available: 42×15 FJ, 70×9 FJ, 90×15 FJ, and 90×9 FJ.  

Purchase durable and affordable Merbau Screening only at Merbau Decking Timber today. Call now!

Merbau Decking | Merbau Solid Post 90x90MM 

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