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Merbau Dar

Merbau Dar

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Merbau dar, commonly known as Merbau, is a tropical hardwood native to the Indo-Pacific region and is mainly found in Southeast Asia and countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. Merbau Dar comes with a reddish-brown to orange colour and is quite famous in Australian households for adding an aesthetic look and glamor to the outdoors.

Merbau has retained its esteemed status as a treasured material appreciated for its strength, aesthetic appeal, and usage diversity. The large-scale adoption in residential and commercial buildings proves that it is well suited for all kinds of weather. In the light of sustainability and to preserve this resource and distribute it where there is viable economic demand from both industries and consumers, Merbau wood protection and management has been promoted and flourishing as an all-around solution for construction and woodwork.

What are the features of Merbau Dar?

The widespread feature of Merbau Dar Melbourne is its reddish-brown colour, which gets even more dynamic as it ages. Due to its hardness and density, Merbau Dar is not affected by rot, decay, or termites. So you can use it in outdoor decks, gates, furniture, and fencing. 

Merbau is durable and resistant to termite attacks, making it a good choice for coastal areas and tropical climates, typically more humid. Its natural oils make it able to withstand water and add to its durability in moist conditions.

Merbau Dar (Kwila) is a hardwood ideally suited for manufacturing outdoor furniture and decking. Merbau Dar is used for external decking and internal/external decorative items. It is used as balusters, handrails, feature beams, fencing, gates, pergolas, furniture, and veranda.

We supply a wide range of Merbau Dar: 90mmx28mm, 90mmx42mm, 140mmx42mm, 190mmx42mm, 240mmx42mm, 290mmx42mm.

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